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How to define who we are and what we offer at Terston?


We are a store for those who identify with style & comfort; a place where you can find unique pieces to elevate both your personal look and your home aesthetic.


So much of what I do is intuitive, as I take pleasure in sourcing items that are carefully curated for you. Need help? Allow me to work with you to enhance your look while always letting your personality shine through!


My extensive retail background encompasses Heal’s of London, Conrans and Pottery Barn, all of which has contributed to my sense of style and design to help you form ideas for your home. Our collection from around the world creates a sense of hospitality to calm your home and enrich your space. Walk into Terston and all your senses engage – a defined aroma will rejuvenate and enhance your spirits while music matches the experience. Absorb the nature of fabrics and gorgeous textiles in a space that is bright and welcoming.

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–  Geraldine

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