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2022 Celebrations

2022 is already proving to be a special year in our household. My daughter, Laurel, married Brady Bilodeau on January 1st. We had a warm and wonderful celebration in New Hampshire. The picture at left, which I love, shows Brady & Laurel with my son Tristan and one of Brady's brothers, Brendon. In addition, we have another wedding to look forward to in October when my son marries Francesca Pasquale down in Florida. I'm so happy to see my kids grow into these amazingly confident adults and choose fabulous partners. I am truly blessed. Last, but not least, I'm proud to announce that 2022 marks my 30th year in business! Of course, I like to tell people I was a teenager when I first opened Terston! We have a number of exciting promos/events planned throughout the year to celebrate the big 3-0, so stay tuned for upcoming emails and announcements.  Stay warm & stay safe! Geraldine


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