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Do I Make the Cut?

My shop is all about design and form, and I try not to get caught up in trends. However, I do notice what’s new in the market, and I make discerning choices as to whether or not what’s current will appeal to you, my customer.

I recently binged on the new series of “Making the Cut” – the Amazon Prime series hosted by Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn. Full disclosure- I’m not a habitual TV watcher – however this caught my attention. Ten aspiring designers are whittled down to two finalists competing for a $1 million prize after being given a new design challenge each week. The judges this year included Heidi Klum, Winnie Harlow and Jeremy Scott. (shown in above photo) The design contestants really have to think on their feet as they usually only have 24-48 hours to come up with new and exciting designs/ideas.

My interest was obviously in the outfits that were created and the characters behind the designs, but more especially in how the judges judged. The women were more visceral in their reactions to the designs as in “ooh I love that & I’d buy that in a heartbeat”, whereas Jeremy was really looking at the design qualities like texture and fit and whether the designer was being true to his or her style.

Now to circle back to my opening sentence – I’m not a designer, but a curator of style. I continually strive to resource items for my store that fit into my criteria which is both “ooh I love that” and “does this item stand on its own?” The winner of the show was well deserved. However, I had mixed feelings about the result as the winner’s designs were definitely more “wearable”, but the runner-up’s designs were more cutting edge and out of the box original. My buying choices aren’t perhaps so difficult to make, but I like to think that I consider both functional and innovative styles & designs for you to select from when you shop with me!

Thank you for your continued support over the years :)

Be well, be kind & stay safe,



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