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Spotlight on Uno de 50

We're shining the spotlight on Uno de 50 June 22nd through July 4th. The first 15 customers who spend $150 or more on this line of jewelry will receive a gift with purchase - a pair of Uno de 50 earrings!

Also, make any Uno purchase during this time, and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of two prizes! First prize is an oversized square scarf designed by Uno de 50 in ivory with black and red accents. Second prize is a pair of Uno de 50 pendant earrings with smoke Swarovski crystals. The winners of the drawing will be announced on Tuesday, July 5th live at 5 pm on Instagram. (Are you following us?)

Uno de 50 is: handcrafted in Spain, exclusively designed, hypoallergenic & nickel free, coated with 15-25 microns of silver or 3 microns of 18K gold.

Stop in to see our expanded selection of Uno de 50 jewelry during this promo and add a little sparkle and shine to your life!



Uno de 50 was founded in Barcelona, Spain in the early '90s by a collective of designers with the concept that they would make only 50 pieces of each design.

The founding designers evolved to establish a fashion jewelry brand that would break existing molds no longer making only 50 per style. They sought to create pieces that would invoke a unique and distinctive style, that soon became well-known for their flare and innovation.

The brand arrived in North America in 2010 and continues to maintain the superb craftsmanship, design, integrity, and individualistic spirit that it did when it began.


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