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The Origin of the Terston Name

I am frequently asked “where does the name Terston come from?” It originates from my maiden name Waterston. George Waterston & Sons was a printing and stationery company founded by William Waterston in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1752. William Waterston started the company as a wax maker and in 1756 was awarded 2 silver medals, by the Industrial Exhibition of the Edinburgh Society, one for the Best Sealing Wax and the other for the Best Wax Wafers.

George Waterston & Sons was run by 7 generations of Waterstons over their 250 year history and had a long association with the Bank of Scotland printing bank notes, cheque books and continuous stationery. The trade name “terston” was used on all the stationery products developed by Waterstons hence my choice of the name Terston when I opened my shop in Kent, CT almost 30 years ago. I wanted to honor the family name, and the long tradition of good business practices on this side of the Atlantic!

George Waterston & Sons sadly closed their doors a number of years ago but Terston Sealing Wax is still being produced, by a subsidiary, and is used for sealing many official documents around the world. Used with a personal seal the wax offers a unique look to wedding invitations, scrap books and stationery and was stocked here at Terston when we first opened in 1992.


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