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Sizing You Up!

Apparel sizing is a dilemma and needs to be undressed. You may consider yourself an average size small or “always” look for a particular size in jeans. Be warned sizes vary and women have a bad habit of selecting their clothes in a size larger than needed! You should never assume that if you don’t see “your” size available that you’re out of luck: –

#1 Be willing to try on a smaller or larger size than you think you are.

#2 Clothing sizes vary considerably from designer to designer.

#3 Most/all jeans today have stretch and will “give” with time so look for a “tight” pair of jeans at time of purchase and never go into the dressing room with just one pair of jeans!

#4 White jeans are the exception to #3 as they need to fit well but not squeeze you like a sausage!

#5 Be aware that brand sizing seems to have altered with recent manufacturing and supply chain issues so don’t lock into the size you’ve “always bought” as things have changed

#6 Be blind to the size marked on an item - decide if you love and give it a try - you’ll be amazed and happy to find that you wear and XL in one style and S in another brand. You’ll find new confidence in how you actually look instead of how you think you “should” look.

#7 when in doubt ask us for help as we’re familiar with how different brands & designers fit – we’re here to make you look good


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